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Dog Walking Services

Group Dog Walking

a group of three dogs, a dalmation, german wire-haired pointer and welsh sheepdog looking at the camera in the park

If your dog loves hanging out with other dogs, this is the service for you!  Each session provides an hour of activity time, pick-up and drop-off, all under the watchful eye of a canine first-aid-trained, behavioural specialist. During these sessions, your dog will be able to socialise with up to four dogs in a safe and controlled manner, while reinforcing basic training (such as lead walking and recall). 

Individual Training Walks

Training walks are a bespoke service combining traditional dog walking with behavioural modification. Working with individuals to focus on key training areas (such as loose lead walking or reactivity) while providing a structured activity for your dog.  

A black medium-large dog looking into the camera with an open mouth
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