Tailor-Made Training Walks

Here at The Wantage Pet Company, we are proud to offer a unique take on traditional dog walking services. We specialise in walking and training reactive dogs, going the extra mile for you and your canine companion.

This unique walking service is unlike anything else; focusing on training and getting the most out of your reactive dog. It is easy to fall into the pattern of thinking that your dog is being disruptive on purpose or that they are beyond help, but we are here to help you get some much-needed respite from walking your reactive dog and help you on your training journey. This walking service is not like what you will find from traditional dog walkers - instead it is an exclusive type of training we offer here at The Wantage Pet Company, you won't find anything like it from other local pet care providers! During these Training Walks, we will help your dog gain confidence, improve lead manners and provide ongoing support for their individual needs. Your dog will be given the sole attention from our specialist dog walker, who is trained in Canine Body Language and Canine First Aid, so you can be safe in the knowledge that they are going to be in the safe and experienced hands. This general training, lead manner training and elements of enrichment that your dog will receive are all included in the cost of this service, with no hidden charges.

What Do These Walks Include?

Each walk consists of a 45-minute visit which is inclusive of a training walk and some enrichment activities. This is the optimum time for most dogs, allowing them to receive physical and mental stimulation without flooding them and overexposing them to too many stimuli which may cause them to become stressed, anxious or over-aroused. This also allows sufficient time for the handler to prepare your dog for their walk, exercise them, do some training and allow them to decompress and relax following the walk - an essential element of the walking process, especially for reactive dogs. Before we leave, we will always ensure your dog is content and settled to set them up for success and for your peace of mind. During these visits, we will also provide a water change. Please note: We will assess the dog on each visit and if we deem them to be too aroused or stressed, we reserve the right to refuse to walk them. If this happens, we will provide the dog with a range of brain games and mental stimulation to keep them occupied during the session. We will not take your dog for a walk if we deem them to be too stressed as this would be compromising to their overall health and welfare as they will be at or over their threshold level before they have even left the house. Here at The Wantage Pet Company, your pet's welfare is paramount to us and we will always do the right thing for their physical and mental well-being.

What Do I Need To Know?

Your dog will need to complete an assessment before we are able to walk your dog on a regular basis. This is needed in order to gain an understanding of the level of reactivity as well as understanding the triggers and emotions behind the reactivity they experience. This is an essential first step in the training walk process and we are unable to accept any dog(s) who have not undertaken this initial assessment. During this, you will be asked a series of questions about the dog's behaviour, their triggers and their training goals, alongside some other general safety questions. There are no trick questions or wrong answers, we just want to gain a base level of understanding about your dog so we can tailor the training walks to best suit them!

What About Multi-Dog Households?

Whilst this service is largely only available for one dog per handler, there are some cases where two dogs from the same household may undertake this service together. Please get in touch to discuss this in greater detail and we can see how we can accommodate your needs. Please be aware that we may have to walk each dog independently depending on the level of training and the extent of the behavioural problem. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis. Should we be able to take on a multi-dog household, a slight discount will be available for each additional dog.

Who Are These Walks Available For?

We are only able to accept dogs that are enrolled onto, or have previously completed, any of our training programmes,