Puppy Training Packages

Don’t wait - try our services today and give your puppy the tools they need to reach their highest potential. All packages are suitable for puppies aged 8 weeks to 6 months. If you have an older puppy, please get in touch and we will direct you to a suitable programme to suit their training needs. Extra sessions are available at a rate of £60 a session. Additional puppies from the same household can be added at a rate of £100 per additional puppy. 

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Bronze Training Package

This is our entry-level puppy package, giving you an in-depth insight into what puppy-hood will be like, and how to cope with common 'problems' you may face.

Included in this package...

One Comprehensive Home Visit (approximately 2 hours) to cover: 

Breed information on the puppy you are getting, or have just got. 

How to settle your puppy into their new home. 

Keeping children safe around your puppy and teaching appropriate interactions. 

Health checks and handling, so that your puppy will be the favourite at the vets! 

Confidence building. 


Nutritional advice & much more!

2 Weekly Training Sessions 

Additional Bonuses


Ask an expert; your questions answered. 

1-month unlimited support following the home visit. 

A small goody bag.

Lifetime access to our Enrichment Guide eBook and our Training Tracker and Management Plans manual! 

A certificate of completion at the end of this session!

Price: £200

Silver Training Package

An advanced puppy package, taking you through everything you need to know about keeping your puppy entertained, stimulated, and how to raise them to be a happy, healthy and confident adult dog. This package is a great alternative to traditional puppy classes!

Included in this package

One Comprehensive Home Visit, as described in package one.

6 Weekly Training Sessions

3-Months Unlimited Support


Additional Bonuses


Ask an expert; your questions answered. 

Lifetime access to our Enrichment Guide, Training Tracker & Management Plans and Canine Cognition eBook!

A Large Goody Bag

A certificate of completion, following the successful completion of this training programme.


Price: £400

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