We all know that dogs love to sniff and snuffle all the smells when they're out on a walk, but did you also know that dogs have a natural desire to work for their food and find great fulfilment from 'hunting' their food by sniffing it out? Well... you do now! 

Give your dog the enrichment experience they are longing for by giving them a go on our Sniffing & Snuffling mat! 


✓ Promotes natural behaviours 

✓ Releases endorphines and feel good hormones 

✓ Gives the dog a job and a sense of purpose - great for busy-bodies! 

✓ Provides a great enrichment opportunity 

✓ Promotes confidence and optimism 

✓ Allows an appropriate outlet to prevent problem behaviours 


Our handmade Sniffing & Snuffling mats are made using high-quality polar fleece and are machine washable on a cool wash. Do not tumble dry.


As with all toys, please check for damage before use and discard if this product becomes broken or dangerous. Always supervise your dog when they are using the Sniffing & Snuffling mat.  

Made in the iconic Wantage Pet Company pink and navy. Other colours available on request (+£5)

All Sniffing & Snuffling mats are handmade to order, so please allow a production time of 7 days. 

Sniffing & Snuffling Mat

  • 25cm x 25cm