Dog Training & Behaviour Programmes

Our Dog Training Programmes have been designed to assist with helping training and behavioural problems over a period of time. We specialise in assisting owners of reactive dogs to help overcome their anxieties surrounding their dog’s reactivity. We help them understand their dog’s struggle, build confidence for their dog, and rewire their dog’s reactive thought pattern by getting to the bottom of where the reactivity stems from. This is so they can have access to a life without fear of judgement, knowing their dog is comfortable and confident in a situation, being suitable for any and all training needs and behavioural struggles. Each programme is tailor-made to suit your specific needs and help with the struggles you may be experiencing with your dog.

Foundation Training Programme

Included in this programme...

One Behavioural Consultation 

One Fully Comprehensive Written Behavioural Report 

One Easy To Follow, Step-by-step Training Plan

4 Weekly Training Sessions

2-Months Unlimited Support via text, e-mail, phone, and social media.

Additional Bonuses

Lifetime access to our Enrichment Guide, Training Targets & Management, and Canine Cognition & How Dogs Learn eBook
Welcome Bag


Advanced Training Programme

This programme is designed to offer additional support for those who have undertaken our foundation training programme.  This extra support is designed to further work on the struggles you are having with your dog and to iron out any problems you may be experiencing. This programme consists of 4 or 8 additional training sessions. 

Loose Lead Masterclass

Has walking your dog become a chore? Are you tired of being pulled along by your dog and dream of being able to enjoy walking with your dog once again? Make sure you book onto our Loose Lead Masterclass! This hour-long class will guide you through the common pitfalls of lead walking and how to make changes to improve your relationship and to promote appropriate walking behaviours. At this moment in time, the Loose Lead Masterclass is delivered on a 1-2-1 basis in a COVID secure way. This ensures you get our undivided attention to give you the best results possible. 


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