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About The Wantage Pet Company

Here at The Wantage Pet Company, we aim to provide your pets with the highest level of care; we treat all clients as if they were our own pets, so you can be assured that they are in the best hands when you can't be there for them.

Not only are we passionate about all things pets, but we are also experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and reliable. We offer the highest standard of pet care delivered by experienced and dedicated staff. We are qualified, insured and experienced - something that is especially important to us due to the unregulated nature of the animal care sector. We offer a range of services, including dog walking, 1-2-1 training, group training classes, canine nutritional consultations, pet first aid and more: we hope to be able to provide clients with something a little different and a lot more personal from the traditional pet services!

We pride ourselves on providing our services in a friendly, supportive and non-judgemental manner. Look no further than The Wantage Pet Company for all your pet needs!

The Wantage Pet Company bending down and giving treats to a group of dogs, including a jack russell, cocker spainiel, bedlington terrier cross whippet and terrier cross.
Lollie - Owner of The Wantage Pet Company with Mia, a tri colour welsh sheepdog sat under a tree.

Dedicated to helping support you and your best friend!


I’ve been passionate about dogs for as long as I can remember. You'll usually find me more interested in the dogs at the local park than in the cafe and their delicious cakes!

My journey begins…


I knew I wanted to work with animals from a young age. So, in 2014, I started my animal training journey. I discovered my passion for animal behaviour, welfare, psychology, and nutrition and have been fortunate enough to work with a diverse range of 70+ species in zoological, domestic, and competitive environments.

Kindness and support make a happy, confident dog.

Throughout my training journey, my desire has been to make the lives of dogs more fulfilling and to improve the bond between animal and owner. Using ethical, non-invasive training methods, we strengthen that relationship and help your dog to become more confident.

Committed to empathy and understanding

As my education progressed, I found myself drawn to educating others. I saw a common lack of empathy and understanding for owners of dogs with behavioural issues. I also felt a general lack of guidance and aftercare, even within the industry.

Living with a pet that displays ‘problem behaviours’ can put tremendous stress on both the human and the dog, affecting the well-being and relationships of everyone involved. It is a highly emotive topic, and I wanted to get people talking about the reality of living with these behavioural issues, especially reactivity and ‘aggression’.

They aren't ‘bad dogs’, and you aren't a ‘bad dog owner’!

These misunderstood individuals are usually incorrectly labelled as ‘bad dogs/owners’ or worse. It’s demoralising, demotivating and incredibly isolating. Dog ownership isn’t the dream we see in the movies. I get it; I have been there too! I have been sat on my own, in the dark, with a large glass of wine, questioning if I was doing the right thing, asking myself:

“What the hell have I got myself into?”


I felt generally deflated. I have cried when my dog has ignored me in favour of a squirrel or another lap around the park. I felt like a failure when she first showed signs of resource guarding. I have made up excuses to family and friends and apologised to strangers for my dog just being a dog!

More than just an owner: a best friend and an advocate!


We are all sentient, emotional creatures who deserve to be treated with respect and empathy on both ends of the lead. And that is exactly what you will get from us… non-judgemental support from day one!

The world of dog training can be scary and overwhelming. It’s hard to ask for help. It’s even more challenging to ask for help when these ‘issues’ are not discussed enough. We aren’t here to judge; we are here to offer understanding and realistic solutions to your behaviour problems - we are here to help.

Owner & Head Trainer

Mia is a working Welsh Sheepdog whom Lollie owns. She was born in February 2019 and is an endless ball of energy. She is truly a sheepdog through and through, with her favourite things being frisbee, ball and running around with her friends.


Mia sometimes joins clients on walks and acts as a stooge dog, where appropriate.

Professional Puppy & Troublemaker
Mia a tri-colour welsh sheepdog sat in front of a tree looking to the lest past the camera.


Here at The Wantage Pet Company, we know how important it is for you to understand that your pets are in safe hands. Because of this, I have provided a comprehensive list of qualifications that I hold! I will try to update this as often as possible, as I constantly undertake different training courses and events.

Oxford Brookes University 

First Class BSc(Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare 

Dissertation: "Animate vs. Inanimate enrichment and the effects on human-dog relationships". 

The Dog Training College 

Approved Dog Trainer
Canine Body Language Specialist (Level 3)
Puppy Training Specialist (Level 3)

Reactivity Specialist (Level 3)
Reactive Rascals Workshop 
Canine Body Language Workshop

Holistic Veterinary Medicine Masterclass

Your End of the Lead Masterclass

Exploring the Tellington TTouch Method Masterclass
Deaf Dog Awareness Seminar
Overcoming Separation Anxiety Seminar
Relationship Building 101 Seminar
Immunology Auto-Immune and Stress Seminar 

Help! My Dog Is Scared Of Fireworks Seminar

And a vast range of crash courses and webinars available through the DTC. 

Canine Principles (Now part of ISCP)

Canine Behaviour Professional Accredited Diploma (Level 5) Distinction 

Dogs & Children CPD Certificate 

The Pet Professional Network

Distinctive Dog Trainer Graduate 

Professional Member (Gold)

The Academy of Dog Behaviour & Training

Module One: Understanding What Makes Dog Tick
Module Two: Setting Up A Successful Class

Module Three: "Puppy" Training Instructor Course

Module Four: "Sapphire Level" Instructor Course  
Module Five: "Diamond Level" Instructor Course 

Module Six: "Platinum Level" Instructor Course

Approved ADTB Instructor and Graduate


Canine First Aid & CPR Level 3 Certificate 

Canine First Aid & CPR Instructor

Coronavirus COVID-19 Course, Level 2 VTQ

Sparsholt College

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management -  Distinction * 

Other Certification 

In addition to the above, we have also completed several other courses and accreditations, including Natures Menu Raw Expert, Educating Animals Animal Training Practical Skills Certificate, Open Academies Diploma in Professional Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, Diploma in Canine Nutrition, ISCP Dog's BBF Award.

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